Gourmet Food

Here, the star is the terroir!

In the heart of the Morvan

Rural restaurant in Rouvray

The restaurant is closed on Sunday evening and Monday lunch

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Olivier Largy offer you

menu 58€ 

Mise en bouche

Crispy green asparagus, shrimp and orange sauce

Veal steak with morels

Chocolate dessert flavored with Tonka

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Find our menu bistrot every lunchtime at 15 € and 20 €.

The Menu


Egg with mushroom cream : 18€
Celery creamy cool with a watercress jelly and winter vegetable : 14€
Bavarois with asparagus and smoked salmon : 12€
Crispy asparagus and shrimp with orange emulsion : 18€
Langoustine Cannelloni (pasta) with vegetables cooked in a cherry flowers broth : 20€
Paté crust with rabbit and sweetbread : 12€

Main dishes

Fillet of perch with parsley juice and mushrooms cream and fried onions : 20€
Fillet of cod, vegetable broth and shellfish with elderberry flowers : 18€
Duck tenderloin, verjus sauce and cherries :  18€
Sweetbread, parsnip and mushrooms risotto : 25€
Beef tenderloin with mushrooms : 25€
Pigeon in ginger and citronella broth  : 24€

Desserts / Cheese

Assortments of local cheeses : 9€
Vacherin of spring : 10€
Lemon and raspberry macaron : 12€
Raspbery in praline : 10€
Chocolate dessert flavored with Tonka and Citrus : 12€
Granny smith pie with creamy vanilla : 10€

*Net prices – Inclusive of service charges. Drinks are not included in the menu.


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