Moutain Bike Guide

Forget everything you’ve seen so far about power-assisted mountain bike : unsightly batteries, large engine blocks and geometries not always in tune with what is expected of a modern mountain bike. Here you can go back on a blank page. Now open your eyes. There was the mountain bike, but that was before Levo. Get ready to rediscover mountain biking … welcome to the 2.0 era!

Angèle Largy

My practice is multidisciplinary, it convokes poetry, broth of my feelings, of self, of vibrant moments, of connections with what surrounds me here and there. I tend to translate my ideas and my sensitivity in a plastic way in order to share, to exchange, to bring back the deep questions, to create an opening on various imaginary. Whether by drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video or writing, all the possible are present. My work is always in motion, based on feelings, listening to oneself, listening to the spaces and the time when everything can be born at any moment according to the different vibrations.